Canada: a kayaker’s paradise

In recent years Canada seems to have become more prominent on the world stage. While Canada has never really stolen the proverbial show on the global stage, it’s most certainly not the least known country in the world. Traditionally it feels as if Canada has been in the shadow of it’s southern neighbour, but in the last couple of years the cultural divide between the United States and Canada seems to be growing and Canada is becoming more and more envied round the world for its multiculturalism, low crime rates, healthcare and education systems, and a general friendliness that all Canadians seem to exude.
Beyond the culture and the politics though, Canada has some of the most remarkable nature the world has to offer. It’s true that the northerly country doesn’t have much to see in the way of tropical weather, but where mountains, lakes and rivers are concerned, it’s a place that’s hard to beat. Those lakes and rivers are what makes it an ideal place for kayakers. Kayaking in Canada is a big deal as it has everything on offer. The country has so many lakes—caused by ice melting and the glacial ebb and flow that has taken place over the last thousands of years—that it’s possible to pay to have a lake named after you (or perhaps your loved one, if you’re feeling like giving a unique birthday gift). Canada is the second largest country in the world (despite having a population roughly half that of the UK) and it home to proper wilderness for adventure kayakers who want to explore those thousands of lakes.
But for someone who doesn’t quite have the time to paddle round the the subarctic (and arctic) lakes on months-long expeditions, Canada has more coastline than any other country in the world. While a lot of that coastline is effectively inaccessible, it’s possible to paddle along the coast just outside the country’s major urban centres like Vancouver, where it’s possible to see oceanic wildlife like whales and orcas.
Whether it’s fresh water lakes and rivers or the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean, Canada has something to offer all kinds of kayakers and it should definitely be at the top of any nature lover’s travel list!