Your next adventure

For the big time fans of rafting, sailing, or kayaking it can be quite challenging to decide where next to for the next aquatic adventure. With so many marvelous options available, choosing can be almost impossible. As an avid canoe and kayaker myself, over the years I’ve come up with some dream trips that I would love to do if money and time were of no relevance—and to the dismay of pretty much every these things are always of relevance. In no particular order, these are a few of my top tips for water sport:

Scoresby Sound. Truly a place of untouched wilderness, this amazing fjord in Greenland can call itself home to puffins, the mysterious muskox, arctic foxes, and groups of orca, also know as killer whales, swimming in the waters themselves. In addition to being found in remote wilderness that isn’t for the faint-hearted, it also isn’t for anyone who dislikes the cold. The average high in the hottest month of the year, July, is merely 5C (37F). It’s definitely for the adventurous and not the casual boater, but it promises perhaps some of the best wildlife and wilderness imaginable and surely wouldn’t disappoint.

Lake Titicaca. Located between Peru or Bolivia—two of my absolutely favourite ‘dream travel destinations’ —Lake Titicaca has thousands of years of history, including a man-made island that has been inhabited for hundreds of years. This lake in high altitude is also the largest lake in the entirety of South America—though it should be mentioned that some claim Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela to be bigger, but that’s disputed as Lake Maracaibo shares a long border with open sea and from some points of view might not be a lake. The Uru people have lived on the shores of the lake for thousands of years and created special boats made from naturally-growing reeds. The massive lake, its calm waters, and ancient culture make it one of the places highest on my list for water sport holiday.

The Danube. Located in the heart of Europe and winding its path from the Black Forrest in Germany to the Danube Delta in Romania the river flows through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Romania, has been enthusiastically used by traders in Europe from as long ago as the Stone Age. It flows through four capital cities, numerous landscapes that have many castles and vineyards, as well as gorges and wide open plains. It was also the lifeblood of Austria-Hungary for centuries and even nowadays one can see how the cultures that are at home on its banks have blended and melded throughout the thousands of years of up- and downstream traffic. Paddling down any section of the river provides a wonderful experience but for my money the best bit is from Linz to Budapest (7 – 10 days by two-person canoe). Passing through three of the four capitals on the river’s banks this section offers city life as while as pure nature.

Of the hundred of trips I would love to do, these are only three. While it’s nearly impossible for me to choose a trip these are the three that at the moment excite me most.